Director, Cinematographer, and editor.

This is a short movie from our trip to Menorca in Spain, It’s for competition by a Czech company which I won with three other competitors. Thanks to that I visit Singapore and had the option to record another video connected with culture.


Director, Cinematographer, and editor.

I visited Singapore thanks to a competition held by Czech airlines with three other competitors. We recorded really cool movies there and participated in the final round of the competition. I focused on the culture of Singapore and tried to implement it into my movie.


Behind the scenes cinematographer

We visited Bosnia and Hercegovina in order to create a unique movie for competition held by Røde company. We ended up as a finalist in the category „Best TVC“ and „Best BTC educational“. It was a great experience and we learned a lot.


Actor, drone cinematographer

A short spot for hotel Vila Bela in Madeira.